We Are Not The Same

 *We Aint The Same* I Kept It 💯 I told dem lames to Stay N They Lane I'm a Nap From Ira Browns Hair Homes; You just Ain't Built The Same. You Hollow Looking For Follows My Barz Came Threw…

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My Back Will Fly


I will Stand With Truth 
Regardless of How That twists the Lies You have Embraced; 
I Will Honor My Self as The Devine "I Am" 
Know matter The Comfort you find In Keeping my name Disgraced. 
I Will To Love…

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The Natural Order Of Me I found that Finding Yourself Often Leads You to A Refined View Of Your Original Position I Found That I Am The Way And The Path On This Cosmic Physical Mission I've Lost My Taste…

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The World Has Made it possible For Poeple To Throw Off Accountability And Walk Shameless 

To Live In the Glory Of Thier Own Lies In Hope's They Souls Remain Stainless  

In Reference To Skin You wont…

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**Allow The NEW-BEING** If I can change So can others, And As I change The Others That I behold have already changed. I See the You Of This Moment. I See you Now. The Ghost of Yesteryear's worst times is…

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Can Not Be Broken #MightyGod 

"No Breaking My Mighty God" To be real and honest everyday this continues, every moment this goes on without correction my Soul Changes. I cannot tell you what those changes quantify. Exclusion is a tool of a painful intention, that…

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2020??I'm Claiming A Decade 2020's All ME?? 

2020 ?I AM CLAIMING A DECADE? ??I AM claiming the entire decade??FACTZ?? I claim Joy, Abundance, And Most of ALL ?LOVE? I claim these wonders in everything I do, I claim the greatest realization of These energies of Myself. I…

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Lighter Than A Feather 

They Erased My Name And They Thought They Wiped Me Out My Heart Is Lighter Than A Feather They Shamed My Memory and Defamed All Likeness of Me They Retold My Glory As A scripture of lies My Heart Is…

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?I Woke Up And Woke Up? 

I Woke Up & Woke Up I woke up this Morning smiling ear to heart full of joy just HAPPY. I sat up in my bed stretched my arms to the ceiling took my deep breath and I was overwhelmed…

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