The Initial Spark was an implosion of intended Compassion. Then the entire existence of BEING is An extension of Compassion and an Expansion of Compassion. Compassion is the movement of all parts, so the UNIVERSAL language is Feeling. This would manifest on the Earth PLANET as? Fire? ❤Heart❤Intellegence. This Intelligent Compassionate Force composes All Things. It progenerates itself through the smallest unseen parts of itself, thier is no space between us only a perception of space and All Things. The PERCEPTION that removes us from the base foundation of Universal Compassion is just that a PERCEPTION. We are never without Compassion it's a matter of how we choose to tune into the ever flowing Bliss in Us and around Us ALWAYS. Awareness Of The Most Supreme Devine Compassion Freely Flowing Threw Us Creates What Is In The World of what we precieve as Is-Real. Heaven or Hell is a choice of ATONEMENT. Play Your Tune. PLAY or let's say Breath Your Organ with Intention Of Blissful ATONEMENT You Shall main- ?-Feast. Because the Spark could only organize itself into complete Fragments of itself each Fragment is A Complete Reflection Of its Whole. Each Piece, the most minuscule quantum fragments are Simply fractals the contain the entire whole. THE ALL IS IN ALL AT ALL TIMES. FRAGMENTS OF GOD BY ZIM ZALLAH BIN AKA KULTURE FREE-DEM THE SOULRMATRIX

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