For me the Omega point is where all points consolidate for the Supreme Devine Purpose. Every Human being is in affect an Omega point. A perfect Meeting place of The Intangible, The Physical & The Mystic. Mind,Spirit, Matter. In this way The Human Becomes an Insrtument Of The Supreme Devine In its initial Quest For ATONEMENT Or Knowledge of SELF. Each Human is the convergence point of All Forces In The UNIVERSE. Threw Consciousness and CLEARITY Of KNOWING Our Own Consciousness we plug In. We Become Greater Versions Of Ourselves Threw Refinement of our THOUGHTS. We can began to Mirror Our most Devine Inclinations and reprogram ourselves to that cause. This PROCESS changes US it has mysterious affects on our physical Being and the Vibrational effects have SENSATIONAL repercussions on the quantum world therefore bringing forth changes in All existence. This for me is the ME OMEGA. The Individual I mold from Pure Energy. The molding will be guided by my Minds Eye In Tune with All that has ever been And All that will Ever be. This Marriage of Yesterday and Tomorrow converges to make the Omega we call "NOW". Pure Energy, INFINITE PURE ENERGY GIVEN FREELY Interacting With A Finite Physical Capacitor; the measure of where these two points meet is based on individual mentality. That Mentality will determine the OMEGA point. That Self determined point is the paint brush for the life lived.

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