?Real Talk Shit? 

Real Talk Shit Sometimes I got to get on some Real talk shit If I dont let it off you know how that go the wind blow and I'm ready to load a clip. They gone talk shit about me; cuz I kept it trucking when all they did is dought me; The UNIVERSE had a special place in the center and said it wouldn't move without me. So I took my place in my time in my space Flagged up On some "I Am" Greatness. No longer reflecting Misory That's when I peeped all the fakeness, that's when they all started showing KULTURE FREE-DEM what true hate is, Cuz I move with stealth and deal in Supreme self Maintenance, them fuckers sell they soul, a bag of fools gold is what they tell me the rate is. When you real you walk per dolo that's just what your fate is. When I started getting a good climb, rising off my grind a caught a wider view of all the haters. Snide remarks and slick tongues dont pass me same as empty compliments And false flattery dont gas me. Same way them stabs they attempt never gash me, same way I get mucho pesos buts I dont live flashy, Shea butter on they envy they gone still stay ashy. Tryna keep up with Kulture a drive you to Bellvue but never ever pass me. So keep throwing shots showing shades, you could flex your worst merky, by now you should see this world ain't made nothing that can hurt me. I survive unscathed dodge the grave and live Brave, live Free Be Me And throw Fools out of faze. I do see what it is and adjusted my knobs, so you can stack up them slobs, I jump over the odds, inside me is GOD, Devine is My Rod. Revolutionary suicide!!!! I died when I was born; then Life Showed me true colors so all the pretence shit is gone. I got me and That's for sure I been bathed in bic razors so I only keeps it raw. You can not do whats already been endured, What you couldn't kill you help build truth cant be ignored. I Got Me!!!! always have always will UNCONDITIONAL Love of self KULTURE FREE-DEM MC Ewl (ill).

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