❤Spread Love da da da ? 

I got to a place of ❤LUV❤. It wasn't an easy travel I made it extremely difficult for myself, with all resistance to change I was cemented in. I was an expert finger pointer in times of distress and conflict. This behavior made it impossible to Express ❤LUV❤. I was proficient in placing blame and feeling shame and guilt. I also was quite apt at taking on the character of the Victim. None of the stated above is fertile grounds to prosper ❤LUV❤. At my lowest point I had the GREATEST insight into myself, thier were several Ah Ha moments, self centered observation educated me about me. My only obstacle to any Joy and SUSTAINING Bliss was the limitation of my own mind. So I became the I of my storm. I claimed my indiscretions and I bathed in my shadow. What emerged was evolved. The ❤LUV❤ I thought I lost was an Illusion as was ALL ELSE. The only thing that was ever happening is me. My thoughts and feelings becoming Material before my own eyes. Observation of this synchronicity of me and what is in the physical world opened my capacity to Express my inner being as ❤LUV❤. We have in the world what we feel and think into the world. We are responsible for All of Ourself. ALL that emanates from us shall have its moment. With that I just started ❤LUVN❤ EVERYTHING. Let me be clear I'm a WARRIOR with whatever I do so I❤LUV❤ fiercely, I give 100% Completely every breath. The embodiment of ❤LUV❤ Is the essence of my being. So I SPREAD THE VIBRATION AND RESONATE AT THE FREQUENCY OF ❤❤❤❤ IN ALL OF MY ACTIONS.

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