The 3C's Diet 

The 3C's Diet Complaining Criticizing Competing 1.Complaining Life minus complaining is free flowing energy. Minus Complaining has developed intense problem solving and solution seeking within myself. Minus Complaining I have so much more mental attention to apply to accomplishing my goals. I also take my own actions into intense review so that my forward motion can integrate all the information for the most efficient existance Now. Minus Complaining I have had to forgive. Forgive myself first for carrying so many self destructive emotions that Complaining nurtures. Removing complaining from my agenda was definitely difficult the first 2 to 3 months however with persistence and Focus it can be done and the benefits have been tremendous. Like with all things we slip up but even in the slip up thier is glory so I just get back on it. 2. Life Minus criticizing that was much more of a challenge. In these days and times not criticizing is VERY HARD!!!!, but it can be done. I had to sit a bit more with this discipline. The practice of eliminating the practice of criticism for me was to replace criticism with praise. I changed my thoughts and conversation to PRAISE. This learning was so much more involved bcuz I had to go about it in a way that broke the old me. I had made criticism to much of my way so I had to fundamentally change. I had to pour a new foundation of PRACTICING PRAISE attaching PRAISE to every breath. Every Inhale is PRAISE Every Exhale is my offering. I look for things I like and I appreciate them. I allow thoughts of increase and prosperity to occupy my mental space. I focus on joy and things that can bring more joy. Minus criticizing, finger pointing has faded to the back corners and has been labeled as petty behavior so when I find myself engaging in finger pointing I know immediately I'm being petty. I Am the I in I is the mantra that has organically grown in me Minus Criticizing. I have reclaimed my Self souvernty minus Criticizing. I direct my own behavior with greater foresight and gentle compassion to My Self. I know I Am only ever responsible for My Self, Minus Criticizing the care I give My Self has improved exponentially. Minus Criticizing energy can expand much more freely thus increasing one's own magnetism. *3. Competing* Well......I'm just overly competitive to the point I was uncomfortable with this insatiable need not only to Win the contest but utterly crush the opponent in every way. This was All FUCKED UP. This was not making me better this kind of Winning was Toxic for me and it was leading to a kind of insanity. LIFE MINUS COMPETING IS FEELING AND SEEING MYSELF EVOLVE INTO THE VISION OF ME THAT WAS IN MY HEAD FROM THE DAY I WAS BORN. LIFE MINUS COMPETING & COMPARING HAS ME BASKING IN THE LIGHT OF MY OWN SELF WORTH. Simply put for me not competing allows me to feel and vision the divine mighty Supreme light within Myself. All the things I was trying to attain by bettering someone else I have now surpassed by not COMPETING at All at anything. I step on the field of play to become a vessel of the All Mighty Supreme That Is and Has Always Been that I Am the physical manifestation of in this life. All I Ever can be is Me as I Am UNDISPUTED FACTZ. Minus COMPETING I Am in a state of Allowance. I can Allow or Let Happen for me what has been Divinely designed for me. I have no desire to better you I breath and push emotion on the field of play to Allow a better me to evolve every moment. My best shot is only in me it can only reach the basket off of my fingertips the trajectory of my shot will depend on my focus and corresponding physical movement. All of the requirements for me to hit my shot are with me so it is with me that I must always be getting better. The other players have no bearing on my primary objective with focus on what my intentions are all of the conditions will respond accordingly based on the capacity of my own ability to expand my attention to seeing my shot swoosh threw the nets. Minus COMPETING is has been Refinement of my own sense of Actual POWER. Minus Comparisons and desire to outdo external components I Am has been liberated to sit in the classroom of The 1 Devine.

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