❤The Special Need❤ 

The Special Need Queen Kaela Is My Daughter. Kaela Operates on her own Unique Vibration Full of Life and Love. When She was Born the Doctors Gave Us All Kinds Of Grimm Prognosis's basically giving us a shopping list of what her limitations would be. Well obviously if you know Me that all went in one ear and right out the other. I observed my Daughter, I spent time with her from the moment she came home. She was showered with Love. We spent hours together her in the rocker and me right next to her just basking in her wonderful energy. I knew thier was not a single special need Kaela Would Ever have because she choose me to be her Father. We have our challenges for sure and like all challenges when they are overcome we are always so much stronger. The only special Need I ever perceived was the Great Devine Supreme requiring myself to be more special to be able to honour all of Queen Kaela's Needs. Queen Kaela has improved every part of me. She has completely remolded me from the core. From the moment she enters the room she begans her sorcery, dripping amazement like wonders are hers to spare. A Master teacher of Compassion Kaela exudes Happiness that makes flowers blossom and colors brighter. Kaela is special INDEED but not in need. She was born with what this world can not quantify in ABUNDANCE. That phantasmical stuff that goes undefined, the intangible magic that is the unseen fabric of All that is. So The Special Need.....what needed to be more special to interpret this little Super Women was Me. What needed to see more clearly was me, what needed to become more responsible was me, What needed to know more every moment was me. Queen KAELA came complete unfiltered. A LITTLE PERFECT BLACK IN THE FLESH.

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