?I Woke Up And Woke Up? 

I Woke Up & Woke Up I woke up this Morning smiling ear to heart full of joy just HAPPY. I sat up in my bed stretched my arms to the ceiling took my deep breath and I was overwhelmed, in an instant I stepped outside of my body and my higher self said to me You are finally caught up to me we are now 1. How did I get here? I've been working so hard for 3 years straight now. I haven't stopped to take it all in. I often do not have a sense of what I've done until my higher SELF sends me a message in the personage of a new article or random DM saying I've changed that energies perspective on Hip Hop music from a lower frequency to a higher frequency correspondence. I often overlook what I'm doing in the moment because I'm doing it. I often do not hear the chatter because I'm so enthralled with staying focused so projects I Am involved with reflect my greater essence. I've learned to be Proud of Myself. I do not pick it up so I do not have to put it down. I observe myself and I refuse to glorify my pain. I let it go at the appropriate time and place for me that is the booth and the stage. I Am Clear in My mission and what I Have made it my buisness to accomplish in this existence. The Visions are mine and shall be manifest threw my minds eye. I Only Love 1 Woman so Focus is easy for me. I mention that because it is true a Great women makes a Greater man whether she is with you or not, when you experience the duplicative reflection of your energy it will uplift your vibration for the duration of the current existence. In short twin flame Love will correct you one way or the other. FACTZ!!!!Everyone that I have shared energy with has taught me well and In my appreciation of the space we shared I observe and assimilate our experiences to move forward as the most modern technologically advanced me. I still wonder at how I got to this point. I'm GOOD. I'm getting better at everything I do and that's been a trip; I'm actually faster alot faster and stronger. I Am spiritually and mentally acute to the purpose of my most Devine essence. I gravitate toward That which I like. I enter into ths knowing of my self with a gentle wisdom. So I Guess you could say this Morning I woke Up & Woke Up

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