2020??I'm Claiming A Decade 2020's All ME?? 

2020 ?I AM CLAIMING A DECADE? ??I AM claiming the entire decade??FACTZ?? I claim Joy, Abundance, And Most of ALL ?LOVE? I claim these wonders in everything I do, I claim the greatest realization of These energies of Myself. I claim eye opening miracles to appear as I walk and breath, I claim Miracles as regular occurrences in my life. I Claim the Full Knowing Of The All Light Within Myself. I Claim Moments made of passion and filled with Magnificence. I claim Clearity Of Mind, that my thoughts only reflect the most Supreme Archs of Light of Devine Being, I claim the ability to always bring this Fourth with ease in full harmony with the Heart Of All. I CLAIM that I will bask in and recieve the All Glory of the most High I AM with complete cooperation. I Surrender unto the most definitive knowing of myself as All, I AM I Claim Oneness with All that is In All and bring fourth Unity And Celebration in Upliftment of All. I Do these things Boldly. I Affirm them with my every gesture, I observe the higher elementals of myself and I willingly Fuse with them. I bring Fourth from the Formless to form with Mastery. I build Gloriously with the fundamental material which is INFINITE POWER freely given AVAILABLE From All to All. ?I CLAIM a Decade of RESURRECTION & New-Being, I claim to embrace my All Portion, which has been Uniquely woven into every aspect of who & what I Am. I claim the All Light Being whom is the Master of Darkness in The Perfect Flesh. I claim allegiance to the Temple of the Primordial Cosmic Star The Body of this man. The Solarmatrix of the Exalted Atoned Being I Am. I claim Maat and Perfect balance. I claim Strength in the Collection Of The Like of Myself. I AM HOTEP with All that I AM. I embrace You as Me So justice is always reinforced and rejoiced. I claim FREE-DEM of Growth to take in All and Be what I may be with Absolute Allowance. I claim the songs of my Heart being crystalized into matter rhythmically as the life drum of This existence beats in my chest. I Am Claiming a Decade Of All that is Beautiful, Marvelously Stunning, And Love Muscle expanding? I Am Claiming a Decade of Total Success and Prosperity that rains like the wet season in the serengeti Always. I collect my claim. I Am All Present Now. ?2020?My Decade?KULTURE?FREE-DEM TIME?

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