2019 A Year To Remember & The Resurrection Shall Continue? 

??2019 was a great year. It was truley Magnificent from Jan,1st till rite this moment. I could tell you about the amazing expansion of the listeners of KULTURE FREE-DEM music, yes that was so wonderful. I could tell you about the 2 singles I released this year that just blew my previous sales numbers out of the water and that both singles charted on the drt. I could tell you that every single day this year we added on new radio stations streaming, satellite and FM. That was all amazing and great stuff shooting some really dynamic videos especially my favorite NO BUENO. I had just the most active year filled with so many new experiences. I overcame my anxiety about being out and about. I'm out here going places and having fun. I'm laughing again. I'm excited to meet the sun in the morning so I'm up at 5am to get it going. My workouts are finally exactly where I need them to be, alot of push ups, pull ups, yoga, boxing, swimming and basketball. I've actually never felt healthier in my life I'm eating the best for my body and my body is serving me well. My mind is clear. I let go of All distortion and I plan to continue letting go of static. I accept what is and I Am Free. I Do what I like. I keep myself clear of All drama and I work on my craft. This is just the ⭐beginning⭐ life has so much more to offer me currently so I will stay Aligned with allowing success. I'm going to keep taking chances and try new things. I will continue to embrace change with open arms and smile as much as possible. Life is Good. 2019 was a banner year filled with so much opportunity and excitement, I'm staying open to that. Yes times are good and I believe we should testify before the Supreme almighty "I AM" when things are going well so that we may stay TUNED to the frequency of Pure Love and Devine Intellegence. I appreciate everyone that was apart of these past months successes. I honor your contributions to my beautiful reality. Thank U. Now let's double, triple, quadruple up in 2020????

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