Can Not Be Broken #MightyGod 

"No Breaking My Mighty God" To be real and honest everyday this continues, every moment this goes on without correction my Soul Changes. I cannot tell you what those changes quantify. Exclusion is a tool of a painful intention, that only serves to extend that which is messy. When poeple treat children like puppies and fathers like pawns. The design is to break you and make hate the food on your plate. The more you Love and Provide only forgiveness, the more malicious the false bearers become. The Play with Emotions and feelings like toys because they are tribal, because you aren't the exact same as them then your humanity becomes less Vital. It So Odd They Praise words of GOD but refuse the real flesh of its Garments and have no problem behaving with torment. I'm praying For You. The Lies You have Told And the Ones you Will To Shine the Great Lie. You know what it is, but for you it's better if the Seed Hate I. I never fucked with former Slave masters nor thier system of wickedness only a certain type of individual would go to plantation owners to help them bear just witness. I just witness how they made me the great black boogey man And deal me All the low Frequency buisness. That's Cool if you go, you should Go HARD Cuz one thing is for Sure You Troubling KULTURE FREE-DEM You Shaking The Tree Of the Mighty GOD and Unto you; thy will be done. #kulturefreedem #kinglife #WALKMYOWNWALK aka #SoulRmatrix #zimzallahbin #newbeinc #kaelaentertainment #royallife #beyourself #spirit #RBG #godbody #nge #loveyalife #evolutionary #happy #livenow #RESPECTYASELF #stayfocused 

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