**Allow The NEW-BEING** If I can change So can others, And As I change The Others That I behold have already changed. I See the You Of This Moment. I See you Now. The Ghost of Yesteryear's worst times is weighted down with noisy Chains. The clacking of those chains of past pains, gilts, shame and indiscretion are counterproductive to Being Fully Focused on The Present Moment. No one has done anyone dirtier than the thoughts, feeling, & Attitudes they embrace within. Allow For the New-Being embark on the great and exciting journey to this current moment. I appreciate that I Am breathing.This breath is the most important, it is apart of a greater System.This system operates on the assurance that this Breath Wills to maintain it's own Rhythm for the greater good of the All. The Acorn is Just an Acorn To most People but to the Awakened knowing mind that Acorn is An OakTree. When You can move with the current and Allow Yourself To Behold the Newness of itself threw every action, choice and occurence than that Self can see clearly other NEW-BEINGS. All of Us Are Collectively The Kingdom Of Light The Law of the Light is our only measure. That law speaks; its voice is Love, Truth & Harmony. The Law Cloths itself in The Righteous Flesh. The word is being delivered constantly it is always fresh, new and full. We are the walking word of the All Mighty. I Am as I recieve and accept the word. I stay New out here, I stay Organic & Natural so that I may be made A NEW-BEING in the Devine Light Every Moment. #kulturefreedem #kinglife #WALKMYOWNWALK aka #SoulRmatrix #zimzallahbin #newbeinc #kaelaentertainment #Love #NEW-BEING #bepresent #spirit   

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