We Are Not The Same

 *We Aint The Same* I Kept It 💯 I told dem lames to Stay N They Lane I'm a Nap From Ira Browns Hair Homes; You just Ain't Built The Same. You Hollow Looking For Follows My Barz Came Threw And Rearranged Da Game, All that mumble shit been exposed As the Modern day brain drain I'm setting folks free With The Kulture phonetics Freight train You chase green paper with pictures of slave owners For me that ain't weight gain Your Lust to shine by putting on all the Devils stuff Guess who's system you maintain Ohhhh...You tryna get Liberated by buying Chanel bags Sneakers and Rope Chains uhhh.... I'm Organically me So that's simple to be, Pure God Power Nothing Fake to Sustain My Life Light Flow Threw Cosmos and Galaxies Your Blood Just run threw Viens I'm Here To Build A New Black Empire You worried bout which lost dames know your names You out in the world searching For Validation While Every Head Nod in the Hood is my Grammy Situation You Ethier clowning or Cooning Selling poems of pain I want my Great Grans To Grow in a Real Wakanda Homes Me and You We Ain't The Same. #kulturefreedem #zimzallahbin #soulRmatrix #freemantalk #godbody #nge #starchild 

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