What You Can Do NBE 

What you Can do New Black Empire What you can do is get Still And Observe What is and What Has Been On Your Own Terms, What You Can Do Is Call out All of the things you see and supply your own definition What you can do is realize you are FREE NOW and adjust your vibrational frequency towards liberated ACTIONS. What You Can Do Is Walk By That Sigmund Freud Bullshit & Assess yourself. What You Can Do Is Know That A System Of SELF POWER exists in the world now and you can choose it when you Rise to it. A New Black Empire Exists Now We Are The World What you can do is use your own visual PERCEPTION to confirm this fact. What you can do is Behave like grand Rulers Of The Universe where you stand TODAY. The New Black Empire Is You. What you can do is commandeer your nerves and common sense What you can do this very moment is develope a Kultural code of conduct that embellishes Supreme Intelligence, Justice, LOVE AND COOPERATION. What you can do is realize this is a Us and Us situation and discontinue any sightings of so called "white people". What we can do is practice exalted principles amongst ourselves and emerge our new world from within the old without a single gunshot. A NEW BLACK EMPIRE IS WITHIN OUR GRASP IT ONLY REQUIRES A SHIFT IN US.

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