My Sis-Stars Keeper 

This is about the respect we hold for the MIGHTY BLACK QUEEN, THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER. We Black Men, Black Kings, fathers of civilization GODS OF THE UNIVERSE YOOOOO,The vulgarity towards our Sis-Stars our Primary Comrades on our Journey threw this Adventure called Life must cease!!! Its is time we are clear, the barrage of negative energy we have directed collectively at our Sis-stars is unwarranted. It is to speak plainly disgusting and counterproductive. Our Sis-stars are Queens we are behaving as if they are not our MOTHERS. EVERY LAST ONE OF US CAME FROM HER WOMB NO MAN IS HERE BY WAY OF ANY OTHER PORTAL. To dishonor the very well you have sprung from is psychotic. To make it a cultural practice to behave in a neo quasi-caveman manner towards the personification of the Devine Femanine is RIDICULOUS. All manifestation on every level of our existance is the union of masculine and feminine we cannot build a building without this principle in action rite down to the bolt and screw. To act in denial of this basic fundamental knowing that UNION CREATES is insane. So let's make this ever more plain. Your art & song that includes the defamation of our Sis-Stars is Sucker Shit. When you participate in this Sucker Shit Just know Your clock is ticking, your time is short. You and Your empty Western Machismo have no place in the NEW BLACK EMPIRE!!!! YOU ARE A PUNK IF YOU ARE WRITING LYRICS THAT YOU CANNOT PLAY IN FRONT OF ANY WOMAN IN YOUR FAMILY. WHEN YOU SPEAK FOUL OF ONE WOMEN YOU HAVE OFFENDED NOT ONLY THE QUEEN BUT ME AS WELL THE PHAROAHS SEED. We Only Have Space for Woke Warriors  going Forward. Our Black, Brown, Red & Yellow Sis-stars will deliver our next Generation. KINGS BE KINGS. THE PUNK SHIT IS OVER

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