The Natural Order Of Me I found that Finding Yourself Often Leads You to A Refined View Of Your Original Position I Found That I Am The Way And The Path On This Cosmic Physical Mission I've Lost My Taste To Make You Wrong And Me Right I only Have An Insatiable Urge To Dance In The Light I cant walk Your Norms I'm only Doing What I Like That Seems to be The Natural Order Of Things; For Us Born From the Womb Queens And Kings And That I Am I Like To Love Before I Rub Or Else You Lose My Interest But As We Commonly Co-OP Our Cravings And Blend I will Serve Your Body Mind & Soul Till Both Of Our Days End I Like To know Things far beyond what Eyes Can See Or Hands Can Feel I Like To Experience Things From The Core So I come Prepared To Peel I Like To Listen So I might Connect With Your Intuition I Like To Be Absolute I've Learned From the scars of My own Indecision I Know The Father Represents Supreme Knowledge And The Mother is Universal Wisdom; That Spins Out to Him And Her Learning The Rules Of Being All One Outside Of The GARDEN It was The EVOLUTION of Atom Now GOD Walks Threw Light In This Flesh Form of Carbon I Like Music, Poetry, Art and All Things Of High Philosophy I Like Organic Foods, Working Out In The Park, Really Long Hot Baths Afterwards a little Shea Butter Applied Topically All I Could Ever Bring Is A List of My Hearts Favorite Hits I'm Just Upfront with My Admitt So we could skip pass All the Awkward Fugazi Bits I Am what I shall be When You cross the Borders of Me I Live By GODS ORDER & BE In Stillness I Am Glorified Atoned To the Natural Order Of Me Written by Malik H Uhuru      

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